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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

The Larger Home

When you have such a home the standard policy may not be for you. For example consider a historic home or a more recent construction with high end finishes.  During a thunderstorm a lightning strike causes a tree to be blown over onto the home, damaging the roof, framing and causing water damage through all floors. The insurance company will pay the loss, but will not replace the roof with the original hand-hewn slates. Nor will the 150 year-old hard wood floors or 12 inch crown moldings be restored to their original condition.  


The problem is that a normal construction cost estimator that agents use, will not give you an adequate assessment to restore the home to its former glory.  Only an appraisal will put an accurate value to replace or restore the home.


If your lifestyle includes multiple homes then it follows that various residences often sit empty for weeks or months. Regular homeowner policies exclude coverage for certain exposures, e.g., water, freezing or mold damage. Vacancy solutions are import considerations when selecting a policy.


Does your agent visit your home, maybe he should.  This is important in the selection of an insurance representative.  Many things could be missed.  For example you might have a commercial water slide at the residence or extravagant wall coverings or major renovations are in the works.


Selecting the right representative is the first step toward avoiding unacceptable results.